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WA State Contract# 07521 - Street Lights and Outdoor LED Luminaires

Street Lights and Outdoor LED Luminaires

WA State Primary Contract Details

Supplying LED lighting for outdoor applications, to include street lights, area and parking lot lighting, lighting for signs, tunnels, and parking garages, canopy light fixtures, wall packs, and high mast lighting for applications like roadways, railyards, ports, and sports facilities. CED provides lighting solutions and represents the manufactures listed on this page. Also included are High Pressure Sodium lamps that are not covered by the Lamps and Ballasts Contract.

WA State Contract# 07521     DES Website Link

CED Regional Contact

Jim O'Rourke

Contract Sales Manager

(206) 491-2520
Lighting Certified
Member IES

Acuity Brands Lighting

The Holophane and American Electric Lighting brands leverage over a century of experience to provide the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of lighting solutions for outdoor, street and highway applications.

Acuity Brands Product Categories:

A wide array of both stylish and visually comfortable decorative lighting options from AEL and Holophane.

American Electric Lighting


Includes American Electric Lighting’s Autobahn Series of Roadway Lighting and Holophane’s Mongoose Family, among others.

AEL’s Autobahn Series

Holophane’s Mongoose Family

Top of the line Sign-Vue and AdVue luminaires from Holophane Lighting.

Holophane Sign Light

Holophane’s TunnelPass LED light fixtures for reliable state-of-the-art solutions available for virtually any tunnel or underpass application.

Holophane TunnelPass

A large variety of options are available from Acuity Brands Lighting, to include:

Holophane Wallpack

Lithonia Lighting Wall Packs

Holophane’s HMAO LED High Mast Series

Holophane HMAO

Many Acuity Brands Lighting choices, to include Holophane’s Parkpak LED Parking Garage Lighting fixtures.

Holophane Parkpak

Cooper Lighting Solutions

Delivering Unparalleled Performance

No matter the complexity of your project, we offer a range of LED products that lower operating costs, reduce energy consumption, and enhance outdoor spaces.

These products don’t just meet standards. They set the standards.

Cooper Lighting Product Categories:

Architectural and Decorative Lighting from traditional forms to modern styling, Cooper Lighting’s luminaires span a century of design, transforming cityscapes to enhance pedestrian experiences.

Brands include Streetworks, Invue, McGraw Edison, and Shaper.

Cooper Architectural/Decorative

Area & Site Lighting – An optimum combination of performance, aesthetics, energy efficiency and light control, from Cooper brands like Streetworks, McGraw-Edison, HALO Outdoor, and Lumark.

Cooper Area & Site Lighting

Roadway Lighting – Uncompromising optical performance and versatility for roadway applications, offering multi-tiered efficiency today and scalability to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Cooper Roadway Lighting

Cooper Lighting offers their Streetworks line of Utility Floodlights as an option for sign lighting. 

Cooper Streetworks Utility Floods

Cooper Streetworks’ VAL Valet LED Tunnel fixtures deliver uniform and energy-efficient illumination optimized to improve vehicular movement in roadway tunnel and underpass applications.

Streetworks Valet LED Tunnel

A wide variety of available products for illuminating walkways, entryways, paths of egress, and/or adjacent driveways and parking lots.

Cooper brands include Invue, McGraw-Edison, Streetworks, Lumark, HALO Outdoor, and Lumiere.

Cooper Wall Mount/Wall Pack

Celesteon LED High Mast Luminaire – combines high output and efficiency with easy installation and affordability.

Cooper Streetwork Celestreon

Ephesus Sports Lighting – The broadest array of solutions in sports lighting, committed to offering the right solution for every venue, with systems that are better for players, communities, and the environment.

Cooper Ephesus Sports Lighting

Safety and durability combined with market-leading optics.

Cooper Garage & Canopy Lighting

CREE Lighting

Offering long-lasting performance and reliability to meet the demands of any application. Cree Lighting’s precision optics deliver clear lines of sight and their efficient, easy to install designs maximize savings.

CREE Lighting Product Categories:

Transform your architecturally unique post-top lighting into energy-efficient, low-maintenance and higher-performing versions of their former selves.

CREE Decorative Street & Roadway

Area Lighting – CREE’s BetaLED® Technology delivers superior light quality and double-digit energy savings everywhere the sun don’t shine.

CREE Area Lighting

Street & Roadway Lighting – More and more cities, towns, and the businesses have seen the light. They’re upgrading to Cree® LED for safer streets and lower operating costs.

CREE Street & Roadway

Many sign lighting options are available, in linear and floodlight styles of fixtures. 

CREE’s OL Series provides superior performance in energy savings, illumination quality and reduced maintenance. See it here:

CREE OL Series

THE EDGE® TSP Transportation Mount is designed for high-vibration areas such as bridges, overpasses, roadways, and tunnels, and helps reduce costs associated with maintaining high-traveled areas. Visibility and safety for vehicular and pedestrian traffic can be dramatically increased with overall improvements in illumination performance.

CREE Edge Transportation Mount

Numerous available wall mount/wall pack fixtures in the CRE portfolio made possible by the power of BetaLED® Technology.

CREE Wall Mount

The Cree Edge™ High Output Transportation luminaire is designed to deliver high lumen packages with precise optical control.

CREE Edge Series

Parking Structure – The 24/7 focus on safety and visibility in parking structures make Cree® LED ideal due to its low-glare illumination and double-digit energy savings.

CREE Parking Structure

Canopy & Soffit – Several series of options available, with multiple configurations to broaden the versatility of choices.

CREE Canopy & Soffit

GE Current

No matter what your vision for the lighting challenges you face today, for roadway, area, flood, tunnel and other commercial outdoor lighting applications, Current’s Evolve has you covered. Any Vision. Anywhere.

GE current Product Categories:

The Evolve® Series LED Post Tops offer superior energy efficiency and quality of light. The advanced LED optical system provides improved horizontal and vertical uniformity, reduced glare and excellent lighting control.

GE Current Decorative

Area & Site Lighting – Regardless of pole height, style or quantity, Current’s LED Area & Site lighting will put the right amount of light where you want it.

GE current’s Evolve® outdoor lights provide reduced offsite visibility as well as effective security light levels. They can yield a significant reduction in system energy and virtually eliminate ongoing maintenance expenses.

GE current Area & Site Lighting

Roadway & Street Lights – The Evolve® LED luminaire portfolio is optimized for customers requiring a LED solution for local, residential, collector, expressways, freeway interchanges and other major roadways. Current’s unique reflective optics are designed to optimize application efficiency, minimize glare and shape the light so it goes where you want it. The modern design incorporates the heat sink directly into the unit for heat transfer to prolong LED life.

GE current Roadway & Street Lights

Whether using LED floodlights or the need is for a cabinet signage solution, GE Current has you covered.

GE Current Flood Lighting

GE Current Signage Solutions

GE Current offers their Albeo ABR fixture for use in tunnels, offering a rugged design with exceptional performance and reliability. IP66 rated for demanding environments.

GE Current Abeo ABR

Current’s LED wall mounted lights provide light where it is needed most, especially on walkways, entrances, pathways and around the perimeters of buildings.

When wall mounted fixtures are the only practical choice, rest assured that Current’s Evolve® portfolio will provide an attractive, economical, and energy efficient solution to your exterior lighting need.

GE current Wall Mount Lighting

The Evolve® ERHM is a LED High Mast solution with advanced reflective optics which is optimized for expressway, freeway interchange and other large-area applications.

GE Current High Mast Solution

Engineered for low mounting heights, Current’s LED Garage & Canopy products make any site feel more inviting and secure.

Eliminate eerie shadows that can make areas feel dark and treacherous with Current’s Evolve® portfolio, which provides high light uniformity and excellent vertical distribution.

GE Current Canopy & Garage Lighting

Leotek Lighting

Committed to developing innovative new lighting products and providing solutions that are reliable, durable, and energy efficient.

Leotek Product Categories:

Leotek’s Post Top Colonial Lantern provides the traditional aesthetic of an old-style lantern with the versatility, cost-savings and benefits of advanced LED technology.

Leotek Post Top

The Eseta™ LED Wall Sconce (ES1 & ES2) comes with the innovative OMNI Lens™ System standard on every luminaire. The Eseta™ ES2 is 400W HID equivalent with up to 19,500 lumens and offers an optional Wireless Control Ready PCR7-CR photo control receptacle.

Eseta LED Wall Sconce


Signify/Lumec focuses on one thing: creating the best outdoor lighting solutions the world has ever seen. We are not only a manufacturer of luminaires, we are innovators and creators in our field, delivering high-quality roadway and urban products, perfectly adapted to your needs.

SolarMAX LED Lighting

We combine technical expertise with industry experience to deliver LED products and solutions to government, industrial and commercial entities all over North America.

SolarMAX LED Lighting Product Categories:

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Includes American Electric Lighting’s Autobahn Series of Roadway Lighting

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